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Sound Lounge Healing

Make use of the state-of-the-art sound tables and vibroacoustic technologies available at Clearbrook Healing Center. Alongside the many healing techniques that I am certified and trained to practice, my facilities now offer the benefits of low-frequency sound vibrations.

Sound lounge healing is an incredible way to aid your body in its healing process while allowing yourself to sink into total relaxation. It's not enough to hear the music. With the cutting-edge sound lounge technologies I employ, you will listen to music with your whole body - inside and out.

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How Does Sound Lounge Healing Work?

A sound lounge is usually composed of a set of carefully arranged speakers, sound pillows, sound chairs, and sound tables, that deliver sound right into your bodily core. While lying on my sound table, the low-frequency vibrations will ripple through the cellular structure of your body. The effects come on quickly as every cell, tendon, bone, organ, and nerve begin to vibrate subtly. This direct auditory stimulation creates a deep connection between every element of your body and produces what experts refer to as a whole-body response. It is both invigorating and relaxing.

What Are the Healing Benefits of Sound Rooms?

Using a multiplicity of low-frequency sound devices (chairs, tables, beds, pillows, etc.), I aim to produce the ultimate form of bodily relaxation. You might not have noticed, but while you were working 9-5, chasing after the kids, pursuing your career, and making time for friends and family, all that energy was stored deep in your body. This pressure and stress can produce health problems, diseases, pain, and discomfort that can seriously hamper your ability to live your life.

The sound room changes all that by penetrating every part of your body with calming vibrations that overcome and synchronize the chaotic frequencies of day-to-day life. The sound room will help you harmonize with your body and bring your energy back into balance. It will help you clear blockages and stimulate the neural pathways you need to think clearly and efficiently.

Enjoy the Professional Care of a Sound Healing Practitioner

Although some may argue for the benefits of creating a sound room at home, nothing compares to the care and attention of a certified practitioner with a professionally designed room. I have worked hard to create an experience in my sound lounge - one that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From years of sound healing research and collaboration with colleagues from across the nation, I have created an optimized experience.

If you're interested in the idea but are still not sure, why not give me a call? I will happily show you around Clearbrook Healing Center and explain how the different tools work. If you want, you can then give it a try.

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The health and relaxation benefits of sound healing therapy have already been proven. The sound lounge is ready for you. It's now time for you to give me a call and discover the benefits of the miracle of acoustic vibration therapy.

Located in Southeast Denver, Serving Denver, Aurora, Cherry Hills, and Surrounding Areas

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